Friday, July 13, 2012

Life as a female gamer

Being a female gamer is not all fun and games.

1) Some male gamers seem to think that female gamers all play naked.....

2) The other extreme is the gamers that think that all gamer chicks are absolutely nasty.....

3) Most people think that as the "pretty gamer girl" I play on the alliance....why people think this, I have no a matter of fact, I play on the Horde. My main is a blood elf, but not because I like the racial abilities. However, I have characters in each race on the horde.

4) I don't quite understand why female gamers think they are the only female playing World of Warcraft. With a game with so many players, the chances of you being the only female player are so slim it is ridiculous.

5) Guys that play the game refuse to believe that I am actually a pretty decent player...they always seem to say something along the lines of "here let me show you how its done"...etc.... I may not be the number one player in the world, I know how to tank a damn dragon....easy peasy lemon squeezy.

6) All of the people that hear that I play horde think that I am some crazy lady that has "anger issues". While in reality, I am a well adjusted woman in my 20's.

Please don't underestimate female players. We actually are pretty rad. Now, I'm not talking about the girls that play to be the "queen geek". I am talking about the girls that are legitimately awesome and enjoy playing video games just as much as all the other awesome geeks out there.

note: Gamer girls are pretty cool to date...because we can tell you all about our adventures in Azeroth as well as helping you install more ram in your computer :) Plus, we look pretty snappy with our headsets on :D

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