Saturday, July 14, 2012

Salty Minxii-- Fishing in World of Warcraft

So, many people believe that fishing (and cooking for that matter) is a waste of time in World of Warcraft. In fact, many people think of fishing in real life as excruciatingly boring, so why, then, would one even want to begin VIRTUAL fishing? well, this post is about fishing in WoW and how to get started and how to level your fishing skill to 545.

First, let me start out by saying this, fishing is actually a easy (albeit long) way to level your cooking. However, it can actually be quite profitable as well. Everyone knows that it is much easier to buy a simple massive turkey leg, but why not make your food help you out even more. Food buffs stack with potions and elixir buffs, so what raider wouldn't want to add an extra 90 agility (dodge, parry, strength, intellect, spirit, etc) to give them that extra boost to the top of the charts? Leveling your fishing can help you out with your cooking leveling. Also, what level 85 geared tank wants to go out to kill boars to get level up their cooking? You can make money getting enough fish to level up your fishing and cooking in two ways. 1) you can sell the cooked food on the Auction house at an extra cost for your time and skill. and 2) you can sell the uncooked fish to high level characters that want to level their cooking skill without any effort. You can try getting enough fish of different levels by fishing up enough fish to level cooking from level 1-545. Another way you can make money through fishing is to sell the things you get through fishing. Non-combat pets, and rare items are some of the things you can get through fishing.

Fishing is one of those professions that is easily leveled. You can actually read a book while fishing in WoW. I have actually fished while at work (but I work in a family business, so this is not recommended.). It is so easy, you could let your kids do it (my friends 6 year old gets a kick out of the bobber....). There are many ways to level fishing depending on what your end goal is. You can fish in almost any water source and stand there and fish until you reach 545. I suggest if you want to get your salty title, to fish in the Dalaran well. I got everything I needed for my fishing title except for getting all of the coins and I had to stand there for hours before I got all of them (plus its nice to not get ganked while in your fishing gear....). To start fishing, simply go to a fishing trainer and buy a fishing pole from a nearby vendor, and put your "fishing" button on an easily accessible key. That is it. Seriously.

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